Motivational Quotes

Words from the Master himself…

  • "ABCD ie Any Body Can Do. Just believe in hard work and ethics!"
  • “Life mein kuch bhi karo dil se karo. Win loss ke baare mein mat socho. Bas juthh jao. Jab tumhe mazaa aane lagega apne work me, then you are going to be a winner!”
  • "Dream jab passion me badal jaata hai tab phodd kar result aata hai. Yahi seekha hai maine zindagi se!"
  • “Believe in yourself. Still 4 months left. All of u can crack IIT. Just be cool, keep patience and do hard work for your victory. All of you are winners!”
  • "Minimum 75 questions (25 questions from each subject) daily solve karo. Sirf theory mat padho. Jo bhi padho uska concept ekdum crystal clear karne ke liye khoob saare questions solve karo. Khud pe believe karo. All of you are winners!"
  • "IIT crack karne ke liye minimum 8 hours ki self study must hai. Agar aap 6 to 8 hours daily self study nahi karte to IIT crack karna bahut tough hai. So believe in yourself and do hard work for your dream!"
  • "Self motivation (to achieve the big goal) ke liye jo threshold energy chahiye woh lower middle class family ke child ke paas nahi hoti hai. But when he gets, no one can catch him. Sachin...Modi Ji... Kalam Sir. And next is YOU :):)"
  • "If you are at '-'ve infinity (you think you are completely destroyed) and want to reach at '+'ve infinity ( you have everything which you want) then you will be requiring only mod (create a '+'ve thinking wall around you). Don't make success so complicated. It is very easy yaar."
  • "Success ke liye hard work se zyada important hai goal setting. Jisne jitni jaldi goal set kar liya apni life ka, woh utni jaldi usse achieve kar lega. Set your goal first."
  • "If you are not selected in IIT MAINS. Don't be frustrated. Abhi kuch khatam nahi hua hai. Career ki race bahut lambi hoti hai. Apni mistake se seekho aur aage badho. Low feel karne se kuch nahi hone wala hai. Full energy se aage badho. Set your goal now and do hard work!"
  • "When Work = Fun in your life then you are going to become a legend. Pehle woh kaam start karo jis mein aap ko maza aata hai. Believe in fun work, not in hard work!"
  • "Some success fundas from my side to my all my students: 1. There should be considerable output at the end of every day towards your goal. 2. Analyse your preparation before going to bed every day. 3. If you are a loser at a particular day then try to emerge as a winner next day. 4. If you are a winner at a particular day then try to become a legend another day. 5. Life is a game. Just go and play. Don't think more about win and loss. 6. Never loose hope. When you have decided to win from bottom of your heart, you will definitely win. All of you are winners. Keep smiling and winning."