“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

– Albert Einstein


Achyut Mishra

Bachelor of Technology [Chemical]

HBTI, Kanpur

Achyut Mishra always wanted to do something different in life and did not want to follow the usual path which the people are following these days i.e. engineering/medical followed by MBA and then a job.
He wanted to do something innovative and challenging other than the usual trend, so during the 5th semester of his B.Tech, he started teaching and opened his own institute in Kanpur. His career started with teaching all the science subjects i.e. PCM but soon his interest shifted towards chemistry and he decided to opt. chemistry as his main subject.

Within a few months more than 100 students got enrolled in his institution and thus started his journey towards becoming a dynamic teacher. Since then he has never looked back.

Achyut completed his B.Tech(2005-09) in Chemical Technology from H.B.T.I, Kanpur. But back then, he was least interested in it which was quite clear to him from the beginning as he never paid attention to his engineering studies. Instead he showed his talent in extra curricular activities in college. He used to college fests, participated and won in games, theatre activities, robotics etc.

So quite obviously, he was infamous among the professors circle. One of his professors even said to him that “You can not do any thing in your life”. But his talent and god’s grace helped him to get placed in IFFCO FOOD through the college placement cell, that too with the highest package for that academic year. He was facing intense family pressure to join IFFCO FOOD but he had a clear vision in which he wanted the life of a teacher not an engineer. Thats when he got an offer from FIIT-JEE (one of the leading institute at that time) to join as a chemistry faculty which he accepted.

During his early days of teaching, a friend asked “There are atleast 10000 chemistry teachers in INDIA. What is so different about you?“. To which he replied, “I make chemistry so interesting and entertaining for students that they end up loving it.

These were not mere words. To accomplish it, he had worked really hard and read almost all possible books on chemistry. He came up with his own tricks on every concept to solve questions quickly and correctly. Thanks to his accomplishments so far, one can even call him a master of chemistry who is known for his teaching style which the students love.

In the last 6 years of his career, 2000 of his students have managed to get selected in engineering and medical entrances. Almost every engineering institute and medical college has at least one student taught by him. He is known for his mind blowing tricks and as a great motivator for students and he has quite a huge fan following for the same reason.

Vanita Mishra

Bachelor of Technology [Chemical Technology]

HBTI, Kanpur


When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.“.

This famous line completely suits Vanita Mishra.

From her childhood days, she had this urge to do something for this country. Back in school, she was a part of a social service team in which she used to activel participate. She completed her B.Tech in Chemical Technology (2007-11) from HBTI, Kanpur. Even in college, she used to give free tuition classes to students from the weaker section of the society, who could not afford the coaching.
She got placed in Accenture, one of the top MNCs in the IT Sector for her first job from the campus. While working in Accenture, she realised that she was not able to do what she really wanted to do. It was her passion to serve the nation, that made her leave the job. She wanted to do something that can help build a stronger nation. Now when it comes to that, what else can be better than teaching the ones that future of the country.
As she had an in depth knowledge of chemistry, she was also selected in FIIT-JEE as a chemistry faculty member where she started to excel in the field of teaching. Her knowledge of chemistry along with her style of teaching were loved by students and soon she became one of the most popular teachers.
But like some are born to serve others, she started feeling that this was not helping her with what she actually desired. That was because the weaker section and the underprivileged could not be benefited with her teaching in FIIT-JEE as they can not afford to pay the fee at such premium institutes. Unsatisfied, she quit her job. A job, for which normally people craved.
What she wanted was something different. Something that would really help the nation. So that all those who needed her help, would easily get it or rather afford it. That’s how Vanita came up with this site as a portal for free chemistry education with the help of Achyut, her better half. This site is for all those students who want to make their chemistry strong enough to crack any exam. The student of today will become the pillar for our country tomorrow.