Our Vision


In the present times, education has become mere means to earn money or in short, business. While it has been beneficial to the so-called 'knowledge givers' in the society, it has had an adverse effect on the student community. Our students, who are supposed to be the future of our nation, are the ones who actually matter and at the same time are denied valuable knowledge thanks to the businessmen who sell it at a price that favours them instead of these students.

This website is thus an attempt to bring to the underprivileged, what they and in turn this country really deserves. Education is the birthright of the wise not the wealthy. But sadly, people have forgotten this fact and in their greedy pursuit for money they have made education unaffordable to a major section of our population. Our students, no matter what section of the society they belong to, are the future of this nation. How we bring them up and how we nurture them reflects on our country's development in the future. But to make sure our development graph points nowhere else but skywards, we need to equip the ones those deserve rather than to those who have the right financial background.


Our passion for the subject of Chemistry and our love for teaching made us come up with this initiative to setup an online portal for students preparing for entrance exams. With our experience over the years, we have come up with tricks that can make chemistry as simple as a walk in the park. We have notes, mock tests and study materials that will benefit both engineering as well as medical aspirants. And the best thing is, they are all available at a very nominal price. We wouldn't have said this but during these times, we are obliged to. Please don't judge our content by our price tag. All the course contents provided on this site are rich and upto date. We have put in special efforts to make these readily available to students across the country. Reaching each and every one of them is our sole aim and purpose. It has always been our mission ever since we started out as teachers and it is now our vision to see a developed nation shaped by the hands who always dreamt about the same.